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About Jeff

Jeff was born in Derbyshire in 1941.
From a very early age, art was in his blood and where he lived, the Derbyshire countryside, was the proving ground for his imagination. He always held an ambition to go to London and work in the Walt Disney Studios , but fate intervened and his father passed away suddenly, so his duties fell to supporting his mother. The late fifties saw him attend a local art school in Burton upon Trent, where mixing with other artists was very beneficial. He sought employment in a local store for a short while to help with home and family support. While there he saw a vacancy advertised in a local art studio, which carried out publicity material for the brewery industry. He got the job!.

At the start of the 1960s he enrolled in an American art illustration correspondence course, The Famous Artists School, based in Connecticut U.S.A. His brother discovered it from an advert in The Readers Digest, a very prestigious magazine at that time. Later he was to carry out art assignments for this famous publication. The course really lit his creative spark, leading to many types of creativity; Sci-Fi, a host of other blue chip illustration areas, his fondness for movies, all extra boosts to his imagination.

For quite a few years he worked through two art agents, whilst retaining his own client base. He was trained to be versatile across all the mediums and techniques. A large part of his portfolio of work was for the greetings card industry, and paper engineering projects for children.
Although advanced in years (as he likes to put it!) the prospect of new ideas and the exciting world of picture-making still hold a great fascination for him.
He states: “ I feel that l’m about to begin a whole new chapter in my art adventures, allowing me to showcase all the categories of creative concepts which potential buyers will enjoy and treasure.”